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nexArc Inc. is a privately owned small business service company dedicated to and specializing in the supply of welding consumables. Primary focus is on the testing and certification requirements of the many ASME, AWS, MILITARY & NAVY welding specifications.

The owner spent twenty five years working for a major welding filler materials manufacturer and contractor to the DOD. One of the several positions held was that of Government Contract Administrator where experience was gained in bidding, contract language, welding specifications, etc. nexArc Inc. maintains a Quality Manual for Level 1 contracts as well as a Quality Manual for ASME Nuclear Section III .

The company, because of its expertise throughout the critical welding market has a strategic alliance with the Techalloy Co., Inc., Baltimore,MD, a manufacturer and holder of many QPLd products, to market & sell its ASME Nuclear Tested and Certified stainless steel & high nickel alloys exclusively throughout the U.S. In addition low alloys & mild steel consumables are available from other approved manufacturers.
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