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Baltimore, MD – Techalloy Company (here), a 50-year-old manufacturer of stainless steel and nickel alloy welding wire and rods, has formed a strategic alliance with newly formed nexArc Inc. headquartered in Millville, PA. Under this alliance, nexArc becomes the exclusive marketing liaison for all Techalloy nuclear welding consumables distributed in the United States. The two companies have developed and will maintain an inventory of filler metals tested to exacting ASME/SFA specifications, in quantities sufficient to meet the immediate needs of the nuclear power industry.

Rick Laubach, nexArc’s president, contributes his in-depth knowledge of both filler metals and of the nuclear industry, gained through years of experience with a domestic manufacturer of welding consumables. Techalloy contributes domestically manufactured stainless and nickel alloy products with NCA 3800 Quality Systems, ASME Certificate and NAIC approvals, plus economic security as part of the Central Wire Group, the largest producer of redraw alloys in North America.

In addition to its core concentration in nuclear welding products, nexArc has become a “Preferred” vendor for the sale and distribution of Techalloy’s Military QPL products, and also provides a new source for customized filler metals to meet unique customer applications.

nexArc can be contacted at 570-458-6990 or by email to
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